Our values & guiding principles

Metis is a value driven organization which is uniquely crafted and fueled by shared philosophies and principles. These values continuously guide our work, relationships, choices, decisions and business. For international investors seeking an investment partner in Nigeria, these principles distinguish Metis in the market place:

• Relationships & Trust: Metis has a proven track record of building strong relationships with blue chip international clients while partnering with Industry and governments across Africa. Metis consistently, successfully and jointly invests with its partners in each transaction it undertakes. This reflects confidence in the choice of transactions embarked on and the driving commitment to make each investment succeed. We believe that each transaction is an opportunity to share, learn and grow with our partners while showing the utmost respect for their individuality, cultures and expectations.

• Experience & Expertise: Metis principals and staff jointly represent a wealth of experience, expertise and goodwill within the markets in which it operates while providing insightful political analysis and business intelligence to our investment partners. We continually redefine standards of professional excellence and seek to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

• Leadership & Vision: Metis continually exhibits the courage to explore new opportunities while upholding the highest standards of integrity. Metis believes that emerging markets and in particular Nigeria represent the next frontier of sustainable economic development. Metis with the assistance of its partners will continually seek to provide leadership in the industries and markets in which it transacts.

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